Ukraine: Yanukovich's winter palace housed wild animals including bears, pheasants and wild boars

Subscribe to ITN News: The gates were opened on Sunday on another lavish residence in the Carpathian mountains used by Ukrainian presid…


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  • But every president needs a private zoo, how else can they learn to deal
    with their people?

  • sure every politician has one of those..

  • that Bear was living the life man

  • jacob zuma (RSA PRESIDENT) is doing the same thing and will have the same
    fate. politicians and power. it seems to be like a drug

  • We’ve been saying this for already 4 years that he is fucking jerk

  • I love how the Russians are still trying to criminalise the protest of the
    Ukrainian people.

    Sorry Russians, but we don’t think that fighting criminals with forceful
    behaviour makes us criminals.

  • Yet it is nothing compared to the *hardworking-to-rich redistribution* of
    money you get with a *corporate facist capitalist system*, like we have in
    the west.

    When the 85 richest people own more than the 3.5 billion(!) of the poorest
    then you know the system is extremely fucked up. *^^*

  • @ƵϵǤϵrɱanƁasƭϵʀƉ™ It actually is better in Poland, they have an average of
    $22000 per capita economic output vs $7300 per person in Ukraine. In USA it
    is $51,700. This is even adjusted for cost of living. So people in more
    capitalistic countries are much better off, but I agree we should tax the
    rich people much more.

  • @ƵϵǤϵrɱanƁasƭϵʀƉ™ Ukraine needs and wants modernisation, and that will more
    likely come from a closer relationship with Europe than Putins Eurasian
    union of semi dictators. They need to deal with the oligarks and corruption
    too, a loan from the EU and IMF will actually demand certain very needed
    changes take place before it will be payed out.

  • This guys was or is a drug lord, because that is exactly how drug lords

  • UKRAINE IS MY NATIVE COUNTRY,but for 7years I live in
    americans,like THAT I can open my opportunities.Russians-racists.Russian
    people -IS a cross between cold-blooded Mongolians and Finno – Ugric, they
    ARE savages. They always bow their heads FRONT of the ringleader as Ivan
    the Terrible, Putin, etc.They like the idea of violence. Racist.

  • i dont see the point of ITN being biased in showing yanukovich’s
    opulence….oh wait i do. anyway, the point of journalism should be to give
    a fair view of both sides. not to pick one, unless they are a tool of the

  • That bear was like, wtf you staring at!

  • nice home. exactly the type of accommodations i’m accustomed to and
    expect, but not for this guy.

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